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Little People Collector

These unique sets combine fun and nostalgia for the pop culture collectors!


Packaging Graphics and Structure

The Designers are also Fans, and it was so much fun to work on this collection of packages. We get to ideate the overall concept, and decide which scenes to recreate in the signature LP style, all the while collaborating with the structure engineers to add fun dimension and structural elements to make each package even more unique!


Creative Direction

For each package, we work with a group of talented illustrators who are accustomed to creating art in the signature "Little People" Style. As the packaging designer, I work closely with the artist and provide creative direction on the concept and scenes to be created for packaging, and which hidden easter eggs are included for Super Fans to discover!



It was an honor to have my work recognized by Graphic Design USA in the 2024 American Package Design Awards in the Toys & Games Category for my package design for Little People Collector™ The Office - Threat Level Midnight

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